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Case Studies

Rize has successfully development many projects to clients big and small with acknowledged expertise.

case-study 1

Enterprise B2B solution

"Vendorstoday is a powerful enterprise B2B platform for companies to connect with vendors to sell their products and services and reach global marketplace."

A platform that will enable companies to engage customers effectively through innovative...

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case-study 2

GeoFencing Mobility App

"A Geo fencing platform for a leading IT company."

This application is developed to provide geofencing based location awareness detection allowing mobile apps to become aware of the user that enters a geofence and send ...

case-study 3

Product launch management application

"A project collaboration tool for product launch management developed for a leading Healthcare research company."

This application will ensure successful launch of products through a structured process, task management....

case-study 4

Voice of Votes

"An election voting monitoring and management application."

Voice of Votes (VOV) is an online application designed for monitoring and collection of election data and to generate reports. This application is for managing local, regional ...

case study 5

Road Trips App

"A road travel guide for the travellers."

The Road trips app is designed for the Travelers. Nearly hundred road trips of American regions are embedded into the app. The user is presented with point-to-point navigations on the map.The user can also see the description...

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case-study 6

Style Search App

"A new fashion search and sharing application."

Style search is an app that is specifically targeted for people interested in style products. So many things inspire our style every day: what celebrities wear, our friends, even a stranger on the street. A beautifully designed, easy-to-use...

case study 7


"On demand service and package tracking system."

This is an on-demand service that delivers items at the touch of a button. Users can track packages in real-time environment and get immediate confirmation. Users will be....

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case study 8

Republic title 

"An online learning portal based on Drupal."

Republic title is an online learning portal that consists of list of courses and lessons to be subscribed by the end users. Users can check the lessons, quiz or attend the classes live. Users must complete the exam to continue...

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case study 9

Atkinson Bullion

"An e-Commerce platform for purchasing Gold/Silver coins online."

Atkinson bullion website is an e-commerce platform to purchase gold/silver coins online. The cost may vary based on the day-to-day stock markets. We are taking the live ...

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case study 10


"Talent management platform for connecting fresh talent."

RecriutOPT is a Talent Management platform for connecting fresh talent from universities with employers in the US. RecriutOPT helps companies hire entry-level professionals with ...

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case study 11

Customer data collection (KYC) and analysis using Hadoop

"For a fast growing financial institution"

For a fast growing financial institution...

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case study 11

OBIEE Analytics Solutions

"Implementation of Oracle BI solution for a Healthcare customer "

Implementation of Oracle BI solution for a Healthcare customer...

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case study 11

OBIEE upgrade

"OBIA upgrade and enhancements for a life science customer"

OBIA upgrade and enhancements for a life science customer...

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case study 11

Usage Analysis using Hadoop

"Big data solution for a large business conglomerate"

Big data solution for a large business conglomerate...

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case study 11


"A social accelerator program for the social entrepreneurs."

Worldwide is a social accelerator program designed to encourage the next generation of social entrepreneurs and the enterprise. Professionals and entrepreneurs can share...

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case study 11

Multi site, multi store e-Commerce

"Development of a secure and high performing multi site, multi store environment that is scalable with robust product, user, protocol, permission and order management application for a leading performance, sports nutrition company."

Rize has developed detailed and systematic procedures through a project management gateway approach....

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