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Big Data Analytics

With over 10 years of experience in the enterprise Web application development and Mobile apps development industry

Rize has the desired expertise to provide organizations with full life cycle big data solutions to handle the complex data challenges associated with the rapid proliferation of data across multiple devices, platforms and domains in a complex heterogeneous environment.

We have a team of experienced big data professionals who are experts in data capturing, data storing, data processing, provisioning, performance tuning and maintenance in wide range of Big data technologies.


Data Capturing
Flume, Sqoop, Pentaho

Data Storing
Hadoop, Apache HBase, Cassandra,
Mongo DB, Cloudera, Hortonworks

Data Processing
Apache Solr, Storm, Lucene

Data Analization
Mahout, Python, QlikView, Tableau


Big Data Analytics tools help organizations to collect, process and analyze huge volumes of data across diverse platforms and provide with detailed reports on customer insights, competitive advantages and metrics. This will enable organizations to take informed decisions and generate complex forecasting reports for effective implementation of marketing and ROI strategies.

We offer comprehensive range of Big Data and Analytics services to clients with high level of commitment and technical expertise to face the ever growing challenges in data management for small, medium and large enterprises.

Our services are based on proven business models wherein customers can engage our expert big data developers to handle their mission critical projects from doing proof of concept to installation, optimization, development, deployment, maintenance and support.

We work with our clients as partners by deploying highly skilled developers who will provide customers with high quality services backed by unparalleled support. We provide practical and cost-effective solutions by focusing on core areas of our expertise and will take ownership of the projects we handle with total accountability and assured support.

Service Offerings

Big Data Development

Data modeling, Developing Map Reduce programs using Hadoop API, Designing data structures, Data integration, Searching, indexing, Meta data management, Data Provisioning and Automation, Data monitoring and optimization.

Big Data Consulting

POCs, Strategy roadmap, Technology finalization, Architecture designing and implementation planning.

Big Data Analytics

Designing and implementing Analytic routines, Creating reports and dashboards, implementing data archival and restoration strategies.

Big Data Maintenance and support

Maintenance, Security, Policy management, Backup, Recovery, big data administration and support services.