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Android Apps Development

Android Development

Android is fast powerful and easy. Android is the fastest growing mobile OS with highest market share and is the best way to reach over a billion plus diverse active user base.

Rize has been working on Android application development since the start of Android marketplace. We are well positioned to develop and integrate the latest advances in smart phone app trends and features for mission critical business apps, Social Apps, Smart Watches, Mobile Commerce and Internet of Things (IoT).

With Mobile apps, Mobile Web, Wearable and IoT technologies becoming mainstay in todays mobile-first world, Android remains the most popular OS for mobile apps development. Android remains the platform of choice for millions of users.

Rize develops applications for the enterprise with seamless user experience and business continuity incorporating the Multi-device and adaptable features of the latest Android OS.

What we do:

We can convert your idea into a successful business model by developing an Android application that is robust, scalable, secure and faster with quick ROI. You can rely on us for the analysis, design, development, testing, deployment and support at every step of the way giving you the comfort of managing in-house teams.

We have the capabilities to architect, design and develop Android applications with acknowledged expertise. We have a successful track record of developing native and enterprise cross platform applications that got published in Android marketplace with significant popularity and reach.

save time and money

Save time and money Leveraging our experience in developing Android APIs, code creation, compilation testing and analysis.

high performance

Get high performance apps with distinct look through native Android development.

increase productivity

Increase productivity, it’s easy to integrate tools with Android Studio.

Our knowledge and understanding of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Android Studio IDE, Linux, Java, APIs, SQLite database, Frameworks and our experience of working on diverse platforms and devices will enable us to deliver high quality and result driven mobile applications. Whatever is your requirement, be it development of android powered Games, Shopping apps, Business apps, Geolocation specific apps or Social Networking apps, our Android experts will meet your expectations.

With Android powered applications, it's easy to engage customers to do business with and provide services faster. Android is fast, powerful and easy.

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Android Development

Cross platform application development

Take full advantage of our cross-platform application development expertise to develop single code base that works on native Android, iOS and Windows platforms and devices cost-effectively.

Android Game Development

Android Tablets, Wearables and iOT

We develop apps that works on multiple devices, wearables and IoT for mission critical business applications.

Android Development

Android Games development

We develop games based on Android with high degree of success.