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Iphone Apps Development

iPhone Development

Elevate your company brand to the next level with the iPhone apps. With Swift programming becoming the mainstay for iOS development, start building powerful apps for iOS, WatchOS, tvOS and iOT.

Rize has been developing iPhone applications for its clients since 2008. We have a team of expert iOS developers who has unparalleled understanding of the iOS and Swift programming environments to provide comprehensive range of solutions to clients globally. iPhone, iPad and Wearable apps are the best medium to reach target customers faster to generate extra sales. Apple’s wearable devices, Apple Watch, iBeacons, Apple TV and iOT provide an excellent opportunity for companies to promote their products and services, increase employee productivity and efficiency.

We develop mobile applications with a clear thought out strategy, design of the architecture with proven business goals and objectives.

We have developed significant expertise working on iOS 10, Xcode IDE, Swift 3, Objective C, Cocoa, API's and Frameworks extensively. Our experience of working on cross platform applications, devices and latest technology advances in the mobile application industry will enable us to deliver high quality and result driven mobile applications.

Save time and money by leveraging on the experience Rize has gained by developing number of APIs and Frameworks in the mobile application development space and unfold true value proposition for your projects and investments with faster ROI.

Developing feature-rich, high performing and sustainable enterprise mobile applications require through understanding of the enterprise infrastructure. Leverage on the rich and diverse experience Rize has in the development of high quality enterprise mobile applications.

Value Proposition

  • Experienced iOS and Swift developers you can trust.
  • Native/Cross platform applications that works on any OS/Device.
  • Well versed in handling diverse consumer and enterprise mobile apps and frameworks.
  • Flexible deployment models.
  • Competitive pricing and...
  • Fanatic 24/7 support like an extended arm to your in house teams.

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ios & ipad apps development


iOS 10 is a truly integrated enterprise mobile OS with many new features to improve enterprise communication and collaboration.

  • Widgets
  • Integration of Apps with Siri
  • Integration with Cisco QoS
  • Manages multiple MAC devices through EMM platform.
  • Rich messaging and notification features
  • VPN Support
  • Smart home management features
  • Integration with leading vendor apps like IBM, Cisco and MobileIron to create an integrated environment for the enterprise.
  • Improved interoperability
  • Enhanced security standards
  • Easy mobile commerce
  • Cloud based apps
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Swift 3

Swift 3 is a modern and fast growing open source programming language supported by vast community of iOS developers.

  • Swift is fast, easy to write, efficient and intuitive programming language.
  • Swift developers can shorten app development life cycles and get faster ROI.
  • Swift is portable to Windows and Linux systems.
  • Swift is enterprise ready and developers can build next generation apps using swift from client-side to server-side.
  • Swift and Xcode are ideal for creating integrated mobile and cloud environments.
  • Companies like IBM are supporting Swift in the server side programming with their own web servers.

Rewrite your iPhone app in Swift and unleash the power of high performance and feature-rich iOS 10 OS.

ios & ipad games development


We develop apps based on WatchOS 3.

With wearable market growing fast, enterprises will look at customising their business apps to work on Apple Watch.

Our WatchOS developer teams will design and develop apps that are compatible with the latest Apple Watch and
WatchOS 3.

  • Native Watch application development for WatchOS 3.
  • Customize iOS apps on iPhone and iPad to work on Apple Watch.
  • Enterprise application integration with Apple Watch.
  • Apple Watch iOT integration services
  • Apple watch apps for utility, healthcare and smart home solutions.