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Internet Of Things

Internet Of Things (IoT) is all about connecting various devices and communicating through sensors placed in various objects using Internet.

Internet Of Things is fast evolving and has varied benefits across diverse industries to monitor, track and manage information through wearable devices and smartphone apps.

At Rize, we develop apps that connect with sensors of various devices and technologies like RFID, NFC, Barcodes, QR Codes and digital watermarking to track and present information in the desired format customized to client requirement.

Hospital and health care industries can implement IoT to track customers, monitor their health condition and share reports securely through wearable devices or mobile apps.

Retail industry can benefit from tracking their products, understand customer behaviors, interests and manage payments effectively thereby saving lot of time increasing efficiency and business.

Manufacturing and warehouses can implement IoT to rapidly increase their supply chain efficiencies, track products, and vehicles and manage warehouses effectively.

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