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Node.JS Development

Enterprise application development for seamless experience across multiple platforms

Node.Js Node.js is a asynchronous event driven JavaScript runtime environment that is lightweight, efficient and designed to build scalable network applications. Node.js is a proven web server that meets the modern cross-platform application development requirements of the enterprise.

With our experience of building applications based on MEAN stack and Full-stack JavaScript frameworks, you can get a comprehensive solution involving multiple technologies for building enterprise application development.

Who benefits from Rize:

  • Startup companies seeking to develop quality products.

  • ReactJS

    Enterprises who want to upgrade their legacy applications based on old technologies to futuristic and high performing, scalable progressive web applications.

  • ReactJS

    Companies that are looking to offload their development and maintenance costs and focus on business growth and innovation.

  • ReactJS

    Product development companies who wish to engage technical teams on short-term project requirements with the flexibility of adding talent on-demand.

  • ReactJS

    Non-IT companies seeking to partner with IT companies to power their application development and IT goals for automation and digital transformation.

Benefits of working with Rize:

  • Rize leverages its resilient application development experience to deliver the best solution at a fraction of the cost of development.

  • We will accelerate the speed of your project development through effective use of re-usable components

  • ReactJS

    Our teams are highly skilled professionals who function like an extended arm to your in-house teams.

  • You can have complete control on the project with various teams from cross functional expertise working with you closely until the project is delivered.

  • ReactJS

    Strong expertise on the most popular UI frameworks like Angular 2 and React

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Why Node

Why Node.js?

  • NodeJS lets enterprises seamlessly integrate with the latest progressive web technologies like AngularJS and ReactJS in the front-end with crucial server side rendering features.
  • Thousands of open-source libraries hosted on Node Package Manager (NPM) site.
  • Large Node.js developer community support.
  • Built on Google V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js is extremely fast and easy for web developers to handle.
  • Many server frameworks like Express.js, Connect,, Meteor are developed to accelerate the development of applications.
  • Support by Intel, Microsoft and IBM.
  • All JavaScript based tools run on Node.js
Why Rize

Why Rize?

  • Rize has been extensively working on universal web apps that power enterprise applications based on niche next generation technologies.
  • Our developers has extensive knowledge of ReactJS, React Native, Redux, NodeJS, MongoDB, RoR, LAMP and .Net technologies.
  • We are a fast growing mobile apps development company.
  • We have successfully delivered many innovative products for Venture backed startups.
Advantage Node

Advantage Node.js

  • Node.js is fast becoming the universal platform for real-time web applications, IoT, Cloud stacks and connected devices.
  • Full-Stack JavaScript and frameworks like Angular 2 and React becoming default choice with Node.js for developers.
  • Node is preferred by enterprises for data intensive application and products.