Why Rize

Rize is one of the few companies to provide individual care with the essence of a small company with best practices and higher customer satisfaction levels.

Process driven development

We implement best practice processes and development methodologies to deliver quality solutions to our clients. Our development process for delivery is mature and flexible, based on the project at hand and customer visible.

Competency and focused areas of operational excellence

Rize specializes in the development of enterprise web application development projects and outsourcing services. We work on technology areas where we have strong domain knowledge and experience.

Client-Centric approach

We deliver better quality services at reasonable costs. We differentiate ourselves in our approach towards our clients by delivering high-quality, client centric solutions with a long-term growth perspective rather than on a project-to-project basis.

Reliable and Scalable solutions

We keep business interests of our clients as priority while developing a project. We work towards providing solutions that are robust and scalable with high availability in a long-term perspective. We do not compromise quality work for short-term business requirements/goals.


We provide flexible long-term support to the project once it is completed and delivered to the client. Eg: fixing bugs or design/UI related changes.

Innovative approach

We adapt ourselves to new technology initiatives and development practices by continuously updating in new technology domains. We have an exclusive corporate training facility for imparting trainings to our employees.

Our single-minded approach towards total customer satisfaction is driven by our concept of working together towards achieving a common goal while sharing business value in a win-win situation in a long and mutually beneficial way. Your partner in growth