NoSQL Database Solutions

Are you looking for a highly scalable database solution to handle the extremely dynamic system which can process terabytes and petabytes of unstructured data?

Rize Corp designs NoSQL databases that are agile, distributed and high in performance with fault tolerant architecture. We have expert Big data/Hadoop architects and developers who are experts in designing databases based on NoSQL to meet the demand for designing today's highly elastic, scalable social and cloud-based applications.

We design databases that are inherently flexible (schema-free with no complexity) and consistent (complying to BASE rather than ACID) with simple API, serve huge amounts of data with high throughput.

Our choice or selection of the NoSQL database depends on the system requirement considering Data Redundancy, Automated Failover a correctly configured replica, backups and upgrades.

Our NoSQL solutions:

  • Cassandra database solutions
  • MongoDB database solutions
  • CouchDB database solutions
  • HBase database solutions
  • Migrating data from RDBMS to NSQL

How we do:

We will do a proof of concept (POC) with the potential choice of NoSQL database tiers that are available by integrating the key characteristics of the application and check for the response time, throughput performance, elasticity and scalability to determine the suitability of the database for the application requirement.

We will test the operational stability of the application and will ensure the database supports monitoring across the cluster, easy online scaling for adding capacity and other important factors desired for an interactive web application.

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