Case Studies

Project 1

ProjectAirlines Networking (Script integration) Project


The purpose of the project is to combine airport information and flight reservation system that provides multiple travel offers from across global leading travel and reservation sites to make reservations online. The objective is to bring all the travel resources in to one place.

This system will get offers from several leading airlines directly in to users account. This system will provide links to airline companies directly and not act as an agent. Users can get the best offers and quotes from several airlines, car rental agencies, and hotels so that you pick the best offer.

After finding the best airline, car and hotel, user can book directly from his account.
This system will provide complete information about all airports from each country apart form providing comprehensive range of features for tracking and providing information on airports, flights, cars and hotels.

The challenge:

We have accepted the task of integrating the project with global leading travel sites for travel information, online reservation and for best offers. The challenge of writing scripts that captures information from various sites developed on different platforms and tools has been successfully done and project delivered successfully.

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • XML
  • CURL
  • Apache Web Server

Project 2

ProjectCinflix Movie rental system


Users can sell and buy his own DVD's through this site. The site carries thousands of DVDs from various regions, titles and subtitles. Users can find the title of their choice from the vast collection of DVDs with simple and advanced search features. Members can enjoy free shipping of rental DVDs in our envelope and drop it in your mail.
Cinflix is a membership subscription site where members can rent as many DVDs as they want and keep them as long as they want with three movies out at a time.

General Features:
  • Membership option
  • Change/Cancel membership plane
  • Update personal and credit card information
  • Manage Rental Queue
  • View Rental and Billing History
  • Become affiliate
  • Refer a friend
  • Purchase Gift
  • Enable/Disable Adult titles
  • Movie rating
  • Advanced search can be done by Genre/Language/Subtitle/Region/Rating/Title/Director/Actor and with all or any of the options.
  • Search can by performed by recent DVDs and Coming soon DVDs and Most rented DVDs
  • Customer support:
  • Live help online
  • News letters
  • Customer Service
  • Current promotions
  • Admin tools: Admin management tools to manage content, objects, users, security, mails, newsletters, settings,
    reports and many more...


Cinflix is the largest movie rental service offering thousands of titles for rent that can't be found anywhere else. Also carry DVDs from other regions and even some DVDs without English subtitles. Search for a DVD by title, recommendation rating, Director, tar, Language, Subtitle and Region

Register Users:

Registered users have the access to the complete site. This user is allowed to create room for studios, events, classifieds, resumes and jobs. This user has mailing access.

Mailing system for sending mails, creating groups and posting classifieds are part of the application.


The core backend technology used was ASP.Net, C#, JavaScript, with MS SQL Server 2000 and IIS as web server.

Project 3

ProjectMember Center Management System


Member center management system is used for Integration and management of members of different sites and databases from easy-to-manage comprehensive built-in administrative tools. This solution will streamline the process on how the websites are maintained and user database is managed with flexible and extensible set of features.


US Women's Chamber of Commerce, National Procurement Council, National Procurement Source and The women's News.


We have developed the project right from scratch after evaluation the total business flow, design and functionality.

  • ASP.Net

Project 4

ProjectProperty Management System


Our client, a leading technology consulting company has approached us for the development of a windows based property management system based on PHP and MYSQL. We have accepted the challenge of developing this software application with exhaustive range of features for the management of medium to large property management houses.

This application allows companies to plan and manage their rental, leasing and housing activities effectively with extensive range of reports ranging from apartments, commercial complexes, housing associations, condos and property management companies.Solution We have hired experienced system administrators and trained them on WISE application packaging before deploying them with the client on contract. This helped our client to recruit people fast, deploy them on project and increase team size based on project requirement.

  • PHP
  • MySQL

Project 5

ProjectEvent reminder system


The project is designed for simplicity and ease of a shareware program which combines an event reminder, calendar, notebook, alarm clock and date calculator into a single integrated package.
Event Reminder's free form notepad like editors enable users to store just about any kind of information users choose, its database - information like schedules, agendas, cheat sheets, procedures, journal entries, maintenance logs, details of telephone conversations, recipes, and the like. Once the information is stored there, retrieval is a snap using powerful search engines. Event Reminder's integrated database is a great time saver when comes to storage, backup and retrieval of user information.

Features and Capabilities:

Registered Users:
  • Upgrade Subscription:
    - User can upgrade his present Subscriptions to various subscriptions with additional features.
  • Credit History:
    - Displays the Total / Used and Balance email /SMS of the Current user
  • Purchase Credits:
    - Additional email and SMS Credits can be purchased.
  • Calendar:
    -Add/View Events
    - User can view events with respect to day, week, Month and can manage the events
    - Can view the present day event.
  • Contacts:
    - User can Add/View/List /Search/Upload and download Contacts with an extra feature of Xpress add contact
  • Groups:
    - Can Add/List and Manage Groups
  • Reports:
    - View History,
    - Future events
    - Print Mailer.
  • News Letter:
    - Bounced Mails / SMS
  • Error Management:
    - User can Add/View/List /Search/Upload and download Contacts with an extra feature of Xpress add contact
  • Template Maker:
    - User can create his own E-mail / SMS Templates
    To manage the complete site contents, objects and users.
    - Corporate Account List
    - User account list
    - Membership
    - Settings - Admin can sent SMS message, e-mail messages and newsletter to the contacts of the registered users
    - User account list
    - Payment Reports (User/Corporate)

  • PHP
  • MySQL