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BIG Opportunity

Looking for an excellent career opportunity?

This is an excellent opportunity for those new to the world of cloud and big data to learn through on the job training programs and get hands on experience on wide range of leading Data warehousing, Virtualization, Cloud, Big data and Big data analytics tools and technologies.

All you need is to have is basics in Java and Core Java with knowledge of SQL/Oracle if you are looking for a developer role or basics in Unix/Linux for a role in administration to kick start your career.

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Rize provides technology focused, employability related training programs that are in high demand in today�s marketplace. Rize delivers authentic and most comprehensive Cloud, Data warehousing, Big Data and Big Data Analytics training programs in real time environment with the objective of imparting practical hands on experience to professionals. Our training programs are designed to enable candidates with basic knowledge to equip with comprehensive understanding of the advanced skills necessary to handle projects in challenging work environments.

Our training program provides rich learning experience to the professionals who are willing to enhance their skills in advanced technologies to capitalize on the huge opportunities Big Data presents. They are live and interactive instructor-led classes with theory and practical sessions followed by hands-on labs and technical tests.

Our association with leading clients as partner will enable us to position with the clients with faster turnaround time (TAT).

Big data technologies hold great promise for getting excellent career opportunities in wide range of technologies to become developers, administrators, analysts, data architects, data scientists and so on which are in huge demand in today�s marketplace.

Learn from the expert developers and Architects in a state-of-the-art, online learning environment through web conferencing, virtual desktops, lab access for practical hands on experience with classroom like environment.

  • Live interactive training
  • Theory and Practical sessions
  • Lab access for practice after training
  • Periodic Tests/exercises
  • Expert guidance